Griqualand and OFS

The Journal of Gustav de Vylder, naturalist in South-Western Africa 1873-1875

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Gustav de Vylder, a Swedish naturalist, journeyed through Namibia from 1873 to 1875, collecting insects and other natural-history specimens for institutions in his home country. His travels were undertaken some years before the German colonial occupation when the European presence was slight. De Vylder's journal is a record of an adventurous journey, personal encounters and conditions in what was then considered to be a remote region. He was a man of his age, but had some advanced and provocative views.

Griqua Records, the Philippolis Captaincy, 1825-1861

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In the Transorange in the early part of the 19th century, there were four small, semi-independent Griqua polities, each ruled by its own Chief or Kaptyn. They of were of considerable importance to the British authorities at the Cape, and to the London Missionary Society. This volume comprises of a collection of official and semi-official documents relating he Captaincy which existed at Philippolis in the modern Free State from 1826 to 1861, when it was transferred to Kokstad, Griqualand East. They provide a comprehensive picture of a poorly-documented aspect of the history of the Northern Frontier.

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