A number of our members have second hand volumes looking for a good home. They can be contacted directly, and prices negotiated with them. Details appear in the first table below.

The second table lists second hand volumes for sale directly from the HiPSA office to members of the Society. The revenue obtained from the selling of these publications will accrue to the Society and will be used to finance future publications in order to keep the increases in annual subscription to a minimum.
The price of Out of Print publications is R195 or R385, depending on the condition of the books, and In Print volumes cost R90 or R195, depending on their condition and whether the corresponding volumes are on Special Offer when bought as new. The cost of postage and packaging must be added on.

Name Contact Info Volumes for Sale
Jurie Joubert joubertjurie36@gmail.com / (076) 485 5333 First Series: 30 volumes in total ,between 1-9 and 1-50, in excellent condition. Price negotiable.
Jen Deiner jeneboucher@gmail.com / (076) 210-8585  Whatsapp Second series: Complete set in excellent condition. It is available as a complete collection (50 volumes) for R3750 – volumes will not be sold separately.
David Barrow david@barrow.co.za / 083-252 8099 Second series: 16 – 50 (35 vols in total); in excellent condition; the lot available for R5000 (R150 per volume)
Theuns Botha theunsbo@mweb.co.za / 082 4427 052 First series: volumes 10, 11, 18, 44, 45, 46, 47 (two), 48, 49 and 50
Jim Cairns mfs@mweb.co.za / 083-440-1224 First series: 11 – 13, 18-19, 23-30, 32-50; Second series: 1-34 ; in very good condition
Roger Goodwin roger.joy@mweb.co.za / 083 230 3869 I:26,30,34,48,49 and Series II complete set; reprints; 3 Van Riebeeck Journals
Margaret Lourens m.lourensza@gmail.com / 084 587 4001 7 copies of a limited edition book “The Cape in 1776-1777: Aquarelles by Johannes Schumacher”.  Schumacher was Hendrik Swellengrebels personal painter. (See our Second Series volume No 49, Swellengrebel in Afrika: A. Hallema (1951)). Price negotiable
Ron McCormick ronsue@iafrica.com / 071 9364413 II:22-26; 28-44
Hendrik Steyn flinkskink@gmail.com / 082 956 9454 I:7 to swap for I:2 or other
George Wheatley gwwheatley@yahoo.com In the United Kingdom I:22-48, excluding I-24 and I-38 (covers water stained, pages good)
Donna Wheeler dwy-wheeler@mweb.co.za / 082 504 5010 I:44, II:2,18,19,22,30,39,43,47, 48 and more



Volume Short Title Status of Original Publication
I-27 Jeremiah Goldswain (I) Reprinted
I-29 Jeremiah Goldswain (II) Reprinted
I-30 Andrew Geddes Bain Out of Print
I-31 Letters of the American Missionaries : 1835-1838 Out of Print
I-32 Konvensie Dagboek van Francois Stephanus Malan In Print
I-33 Dagboek van H.A.L Hamelberg : 1855-1871 In Print
I-35 Narrative and Journal of Gerhald McKiernan in South West Africa : 1847-1870 Out of Print
I-36 Andrew Smith & Natal; documents relating to the early history of the Province In Print
I-37 The Cape Journals of Archdeacon N.J. Merriman : 1848-1855 In Print
I-38 Maleo en Sekoekoeni In Print
I-39 The Reminiscences of Sir Walter Stanford – Volume I In Print
I-40 The Journal of Joseph Tindall – Missionary in South-West Africa In Print
I-41 Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman : 1870-90 In Print
I-43 The Reminiscences of Sir Walter Stanford – Volume II In Print
I-44 Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman : 1890-98 In Print
I-47 Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman 1899 – 1904 In Print
I-48 Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa by George Thompson : 1823-24 (Vol I) Out of Print
I-49 Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa by George Thompson : 1823-24 (Vol II) In Print
I-50 Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman : 1905-1924 In Print
II-3 Sir James Rose Innes: Selected Correspondence : 1884-1902 Out of Print
II-8 Lawrence Richardson – Selected correspondence : 1902-1903 In Print
II-9 Selected Articles from the Cape Monthly Magazine (New Series 1870-76) In Print
II-12 Selections from the correspondence of Percy Alport Molteno 1892-1914 In Print
II-13 Briefwisseling van Hendrik Swellengrebel Jr. oor Kaapse Sake 1779-1792 In Print
II-14 The Letters of Jane Elizabeth Waterston 1866-1905 In Print
II-15 The Garrett Papers In Print
II-16 Johannesburg Pioneer Journals 1888-1909 In Print
II-17 Carl Peter Thunberg. Travels at the Cape of Good Hope 1772-1775 In Print
II-19 The Frontier War Journal of Major John Crealock In Print
II-20 The Last Voyage of the Guardian, Lieutenant Riou Commander, 1789-1791 In Print
II-21 The Commissions of W.C. Palgrave Special Emissary to Namibia, 1876-85 In Print
II-22 Guillaume Chenu de Chalezac, the ‘French Boy’ In Print
II-23 J.A. Wahlberg: Travel Journals, South Africa, Namibia & Botswana, 1838-56 In Print
II-25 Griqua Records, the Philippolis Captaincy, 1825-1861 In Print
II-26 The war memoirs of Commandant Ludwig Krause : 1899-1900 In Print
II-27 Norwegian missionaries in Natal & Zululand: correspondence (1844-1900) In Print
II-28 The Journal of Gustav de Vylder, naturalist in South-Western Africa 1873-1875 In Print
II-31 A Canadian mounted rifleman at war (1899-1902) – The reminiscences of A.E. Hilder In Print
II-32 The war diary of Burgher Jack Lane 16 November 1899 to 27 February 1900 In Print
II-33 Sir Graham Bower’s Secret History of the Jameson Raid : 1895-1902 In Print
II-34 Hendrik Cloete, Groot Constantia and the VOC : 1788-1799 In Print
II-35 Moravians in the Eastern Cape 1828-1928 In Print
II-39 Isaac Williams Wauchope : Selected Writings 1874-1916 In Print
II-40 Alan Paton: Selected Letters In Print
II-41 The South African Letters of Patrick Duncan & Maud Selbourne : 1907-43 In Print
II-45 Schreiner In Print

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