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First Series

  1. Die Dagboek van H.A.L. Hamelberg, 1855-71; uitgegee en toegelig . . . deurJ. du T. Spies
  1. Andrew Smith and Natal; documents relating to the early history of the Province; edited . . . by P R Kirby
  1. The Reminiscences of Sir Walter Stanford – 1850-1885 Vol I ; edited . . . by J.W. Macquarrie
  1. The Journal of Joseph Tindall, missionary in South-West Africa, 1839-55; edited . . . by B.A. Tindall
  1. Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman, 1870-1890; edited by Phyllis Lewsen
  1. The Reminiscences of Sir Walter Stanford, edited . . . by J.W. Macquarrie. Vol. II. 1885-1929

44, 47, 50. Selections from the Correspondence of J.X. Merriman, 1870-1890; 1890-1898; 1899-1904; 1905-1924; edited by Phyllis Lewsen

  1. Travels and Adventures in South Africa by George Thompson, 1823-24; edited by Vernon S. Forbes. Vol. II

Second Series

  1. Selections from the correspondence of Percy Alport Molteno 1892-1914; edited by Vivian Solomon
  1. The letters of Jane Elizabeth Waterston 1866-1905; Edited by Lucy Bean and Elizabeth van Heyningen with introduction by Elizabeth van Heyningen
  1. The Garrett Papers; edited with an introduction by Gerald Shaw
  1. Johannesburg Pioneer Journals 1888-1909; edited by Maryna Fraser
  1. Carl Peter Thunberg. Travels at the Cape of Good Hope 1772-1775; edited by Emeritus Prof. V.S. Forbes
  1. The Frontier War Journal of Major John Crealock; edited and introduced by Chris Hummel
  1. The Last Voyage of the Guardian, Lieutenant Riou Commander, 1789-1791; edited with an introduction by M.D. Nash
  1. The Commissions of W. C. Palgrave Special Emissary to South West Africa, 1876-1885; edited and introduced by E. L. P. Stals
  1. Guillaume Chenu de Chalezac, the `French Boy’; edited and introduced by Randolph Vigne
  1. Johan August Wahlberg: Travel Journal and letters from, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, 1838-1856; edited by Chris Hummel and Adrian Craig
  1. Griqua Records, the Philippolis Captaincy, 1825-1861; compiled and edited by Karel Schoeman
  1. Norwegian missionaries in Natal and Zululand: selected correspondence (1844-1900); edited by Frederick Hale
  1. The journal of Gustav de Vylder, naturalist in South-Western Africa 1873-1875; translated from the original Swedish & edited by Ione & Jalmar Rudner
  1. A Canadian Mounted Rifleman at War, 1899-1902: the reminiscences of A. E. Hilder; edited by A. G. Morris
  1. The War Diary of Burgher Jack Lane, 1899-1900; edited by William Lane
  1. Sir Graham Bower’s Secret History of the Jameson Raid and the South African Crisis, 1895-1902; edited by Deryck Schreuder and Jeffrey Butler
  1. Moravians in the Eastern Cape, 1828-1928: Four accounts of Moravian Mission Work on the Eastern Cape Frontier. Tr. by F.R. Baudert; edited by T.Keegan
  1. Trials of Slavery. Selected Documents Concerning Slaves from the Criminal Records of the Council of Justice at the Cape of Good Hope, 1705-1794; edited by Nigel Worden and Gerald Groenewald
  1. Alan Paton: Selected letters. Edited and introduced by Peter F. Alexander (2009)