As part of its wish to make HiPSA known to a new generation of historians, the society sponsored prizes of two HiPSA volumes for the best history essays by first-year students in the UP Department of Historical and Heritage Studies. Details of the awards held on 3 May 2023 are below. Congratulations to the two winners! We hope this will inspire them and their peers to join HiPSA at our special student subscription rate.

Prize Winner Twana Nel:

Her essay was on Antjie Krog, and was beautifully written overall, and evoked emotion in the reader. A somewhat less rigorous ‘scholarly’ approach, though. Awarded 93%

Prize Winner Lesego Mokganedi:

Her essay was on Sophia de Bruyn and the womens’ march, and is definitely more scholarly in its approach, with some good contextual integration. However, it was not as well written as Nel’s work. Awarded 90%.