The 2018 UCT Summer School Lectures took place in March 2018 on which occasion Dr Elizabeth van Heyningen coordinated a number of lectures under the heading of “The Van Riebeeck Society and the making of South African History”. Lectures were given by Dr Pamela Maseko from Rhodes University (“The Hidden Voices – The unknown knowledge of the isiXhosa”), Dr John Rourke from the Botanical Institute (“Botany and General Science – Sparrman and Thunberg”), Prof Gerald Groenewald of the University of Johannesburg (“Slavery”) and Prof Bill Nasson of Stellenbosch University (“War and Colonial Conquest”).

The lectures were organised to form part of our Centenary celebrations. To view the lectures please click on the videos below:

Elizabeth van Heyningen: The Van Riebeeck Society and the making of SA history

Pamela Maseko: The Hidden Voice

John Rourke: Thunberg & Sparrman

Gerald Groenewald: Witness to Slavery

Bill Nasson: War and Colonial Conquest