University of Pretoria Faculty of Humanities – Award for the best History essay by First Year Student (May 2023)

2023-05-24T12:31:25+00:00May 22nd, 2023|Recent Activities|

As part of its wish to make HiPSA known to a new generation of historians, the society sponsored prizes of two HiPSA volumes for the best history essays by first-year students in the UP Department of Historical and Heritage Studies. Details of the awards held on 3 May 2023 are below. Congratulations to the two winners! We hope this will inspire them and their peers to join HiPSA at our special student subscription rate. [...]


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HiPSA: ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2022 (Delivered by Professor Howard Phillips at HiPSA AGM, 17 November 2022)   This is what I will call a two-handed report as it is filled with plenty of ‘on the one hand, but on the other’. In many ways it has been a year of very mixed fortunes for HiPSA, several of them rather dispiriting. On the one hand, we signed up 22 new members; but on the other we lost 23 primarily due to [...]


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AGM AND LAUNCH OF OUR 2022 VOLUME Our 103rd Annual General Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom at 18h00 (SA Time) on Thursday 17 November 2022. Please inform us by return of email if you wish to attend so we can send you the Zoom link on 14 November. As this AGM will include consideration of an amended constitution to meet state’s requirements for non-profit status and the election of a new Council for 2022-2025, your attendance is earnestly [...]

Free State Arts Fertival October 2022

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HiPSA Exco member Prof Chris van der Merwe is currently attending the Vrystaat/Free State Kunstefees/Arts Festival in Bloemfontein (2-8 October 2022). On display is our volume "Selections from the Letters of President M T Steyn 1904–1910"; edited by Con de Wet and Elizabeth van Heyningen; translated by Chris van der Merwe (VRS series II-48 (2017) - see photo . Display of books about the Anglo-Boer War at the Free State Arts Festival Oct 2022 [...]


2022-10-04T14:32:52+00:00October 3rd, 2022|Recent Activities|

On 29 September 2022, our Chairman Prof Howard Phillips gave a keynote address to the South African Society for History Teaching in Genadendal (organised by Dr Francois Cleophas, a member of HiPSA's Council) on the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. The global pandemic reached deep into South Africa, including the village of Genadendal, and left its mark on it with seventy "Genaalers" (=residents of Genadendal), dying in consequence of it. Prof Phillips and Prof Warnich standing [...]

SA Historical Society Conference 2022

2022-07-01T08:00:54+00:00July 1st, 2022|Recent Activities|

The South African Historical Society held its annual conference in East London on 28 - 30 June 2022. The conference was attended by the Chairman of HiPSA, Prof Howard Phillips who arranged a display of HiPSA publications. If you look carefully, you will see advance copies of our 2022 volume ICU ‘I See You’: The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union of Africa, 1919-1930, edited by David Johnson and Henry Dee.                     [...]


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David Culpin, editor of "Francois Le Vaillant: Travels into the Interior of Africa via the Cape of Good Hope" Volume II, gave a lecture on Le Vaillant at the Academie Francaise in Cape Town on 9 March 2022. The 50 socially-distanced chairs were all filled, some by HiPSA members who had been invited to attend. We sold several copies of the volume. On the photos below Professor Culpin is speaking (left) and on the right is a group [...]


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This year's volume, Francois Le Vaillant: Travels into the interior of Africa via the Cape of Good Hope Vol II, was launched for a second time at the Plettenberg Bay History Festival held on 25/26 February 2022. The editor, Professor David Culpin, gave a lecture on Le Vaillant during this occasion. The photo below shows Culpin talking at the launch, appropriately held at a French bakery in the town. The second photo shows a group of the Festival organisers with [...]


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102nd AGM AND LAUNCH OF OUR 103rd VOLUME Continuing the Covid-prompted initiative last year, to hold our AGM online (which saw members from 3 continents and 4 time zones attending), our 2021 AGM will be held online via Zoom at 18h00 SA time on 17 November 2021. To attend, please inform us of your intention to do so and we will send you a Zoomlink on the day before the AGM. Then just log in on 17 November from [...]

2021 Annual Report

2021-11-18T15:13:11+00:00November 18th, 2021|Annual Reports|

(Delivered online at HiPSA AGM, 17 November 2021) In the Western World it is popularly believed that the Mandarin word for crisis (weiqi) consists of two words combined, ‘wei’ meaning ‘disaster’ and ‘qi’ meaning opportunity. In other words, a crisis presents danger but also opportunity. However, Mandarin linguists disagree with this interpretation and label it wishful thinking among Westerners in search of Oriental wisdom. But I have to tell you that HiPSA’s experience in the past year in a [...]

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